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Past Events

The UK-China Centre of Excellence for Research on Avian Diseases has held previous meetings, symposia and conferences.

 2017 Pirbright Institute & UK-China Centre of Excellence for Research on Avian Diseases Conference

It was a great pleasure for us to hold the 3rd symposium on Recent Advances in Avian Disease Research organised by the Newton Funded UK-China Centre of Excellence for Research on Avian Diseases (UK-China CERAD) managed by the Pirbright Institute in the United Kingdom and the Shandong Binzhou Animal Science and Veterinary Medicine Academy, Binzhou, China to the UK. After the two successful UK-China joint symposia in Binzhou, Pirbright hosted the 3rd Symposium in the UK.

UK-CERAD was inaugurated in 2015 with a vision to form a strong alliance between academic institutions in China and the United Kingdom to bring innovation into avian disease research and train young scientists in the advanced technologies to enable them to carry out cutting edge research for better control of poultry diseases in the goal towards achieving global food security and improving animal welfare. China is one of the major poultry producing countries in the world with a rapidly-developing poultry industry. Challenges to the avian health from a number of infectious diseases remain a major threat to the poultry industry both in China and the UK. During the last few years, the UK-CERAD has made excellent progress in fostering research collaboration with several academic institutions in China that has resulted in the submission of a number of research grant applications for joint funding as well as in producing joint research publications. There has also been many visits by academics to both countries to develop new research collaborations. Exchange visits by students and research staff for training in some of the latest technologies have helped in advancing research on avian diseases.

The 3rd Symposium was a great opportunity for networking and developing new research collaborations. We thank all participants for attending the meeting and all the speakers and presenters of posters for helping to make the 3rd UK China CERAD Symposium a great success.

Prof. Venugopal Nair, Pirbright Institute, United Kingdom

Prof. Zhiqiang Shen, Shandong-Binzhou Animal Science & Veterinary Medicine Academy, P. R. China








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